Breeder Member Application

When becoming a Member-

·       Sign your Code of Ethics; pay your Membership fee and Kennel Registration fee, along with Submitting your Breeder Member application.

·       At the same time you must register your breeding dogs.

·       You need to own at least one Australian Labradoodle that meets the ALCA requirements for Registering.

·       You are required to register Breeding Australian Labradoodles that you own.

·       Once becoming a Breeder Member, you are required to register ALL Litters you whelp within 30 days of birth. Late registrations are subject to    $20.00 late fee.)

·       You are required to display on your website, your ALCA Logo and all ALCA Registration Numbers under the name of your dog.

·       You are required to display the Name of your dog, including the kennel name, on your website along with the ALCA registration number.

·       Your application for membership will not be processed until you register your dog(s) so do this at the same time as applying for membership.


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For Registrations, click Applications above.