To promote and protect the interest of the Australian Labradoodle, and to unite the Australian Labradoodle breeders in America in an organized club, supporting and having fellowship with one another.  ALCA strives to provide information, education and mentorship to current and future owners, enthusiasts,  and breeders of the true Australian Labradoodle in America.


Australian Labradoodle Club of America provides top-notch support and fellowship to the Australian Labradoodle Breeders in America.  Through our love, experience, and dedication to the Australian Labradoodle breed, the Australian Labradoodle Club of America members are committed to joining together in our efforts to assure a firm future for the Australian Labradoodle. 


ALCA Certified Australian Labradoodle designation is available to any registered dog that meets the ALCA qualifications.

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Our Registrar will research the pedigree of the dog by verifying the documentation submitted and on the ALCA database.  Every pedigree in the lineage must be verified and all dogs in the lineage must have on file the pedigree produced by the breeder (not the owner unless breeder/owner).  The pedigree must be completely traceable by breeder produced pedigree, back to the Australian lines.

The dog being certified must have no more than a total of one Poodle infusion behind the dog being certified for the first three generations of its pedigree.  Infusion of any other foundation breeds are not acceptable for Australian Labradoodle Certification.

Effective 1/1/13, upon receipt of $30.00 fee and Application to Register the individual dog, the Registrar will research the dog's pedigree and if qualified, the dog will be Certified at no additional fee.

If any dog is in question, certification would not be issued until DNA confirmation (at the owners expense) could verify the correct lineage. 

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