ALCA Breeders are required to have an accessible website where their dogs and litters are displayed.


Breeder Member Requirements and Registration Requirements

All Breeder Members of the Australian Labradoodle Club of America must adhere to the following requirements to qualify for "Breeder Membership" status:

  1. Register kennel name with the Australian Labradoodle Club of America (ALCA).
  2. Sign ALCA Code of Ethics acknowledging acceptance and agreement.
  3. Register all breeding dogs with ALCA and display ALCA Registration number on website.  If a dog does not qualify for ALCA registration, you must display "This dog does not qualify for ALCA Registration" next to the dog on your website.
  4. Supply DNA profile in the event that a dispute arises which requires DNA confirmation to settle the dispute.
  5. Supply hip and elbow testing for all breeding stock (PennHip, OFA, eVet Diagnostics or AVA).
  6. Supply all OFA Eye exam.  OFA eye exam (previously CERF) is no longer required annually effective February 2013.
  7. Provide prcd/PRA test results (must be from Optigen or PawPrints). 
  8. Annually, with membership renewal and New Breeder Application, submit puppy sales contract, which must include a two-year genetic health warranty/guarantee, and puppy care instructions.  Any revisions to your contract/warranty must be submitted to ALCA.   Warranty must be provided for all buyers to cover any genetic health issues not known at the time of sale.  Warranty may exclude a known and disclosed genetic issue as agreed to by both parties, and for which purchase price or compensation  takes into account the genetic issue and included as an addendum to the contract at the time of sale.  ALCA recommends that the contract require the puppy/dog be seen by a Veterinary physician within 72 hours of receipt of the animal to confirm no current medical issues exist.
  9. Register all litters with ALCA within 30 days of birth of litter. (Puppies need not have name or Micro-Chip prior to registration of litter.)  $20 penalty assessed for late registration in additional to registration fee.  If a litter does not qualify for ALCA registration, you must display "This litter does not qualify for ALCA Registration" next to the litter announcement on your website.
  10. Complete a minimum of preliminary testing on breeding stock before the actual breeding of the dog.  Suggested breeding age:  Bitches under 18" are not bred before 13 months of age; over 18" are not bred before 16 months of age.
  11. Own at least one intact Australian Labradoodle.  (Breeding to Australian Labradoodle - no new infusions accepted.)
  12. All dogs sold as breeding stock must be micro-chipped prior to transaction.
  13. All pet puppies sold must be spayed or neutered prior to transaction.
  14. Accurately represent the Australian Labradoodle on website, and according to the ALCA Breed Standard.  Website must meet ALCA minimum requirements to maintain ALCA roster listing.
  15. Provide ongoing support for the lifetime of pups.
  16. For breeders providing stud service, demonstrate knowledge required to do so.  For the protection of the stud dog, it is suggested that where possible, a male dog have a natural breeding prior to AI.
  17. Agree not to purchase or take possession of any Labradoodle puppy or adult dog with the intent to resell.
  18. Strictly adhere to the grading system established by the ALCA. (Effective 1/1/2011 no new infusions are accepted for registration.)
  19. Any dog being registered with ALCA must carry the whelping breeder's kennel name prefix to the name of the dog with no other kennel name in the name of the dog.  Dogs name must be limited to 45 characters which include all letters and spaces..

 All of your breeding dogs and litters must be registered with ALCA

Their photo must appear on the website along with their registered name IN FULL and the ALCA registration number or the ALCA Certified Australian Labradoodle logo provided for each dog.   Any dog not eligible for ALCA registration must show "Does not qualify for ALCA registration due to ........." stating the reason on the website.

All litters must be registered with ALCA within 30 days of date of birth.  The current litter listings must be shown on your website along with the ALCA registration number and/or Certified Litter logo for each litter.  Until the registration number is received, you may list ALCA Registration pending.

Any photos shown on your website must belong to you, or you must have written permission from the owner to display the photo on your website with acknowledgement such as "photo courtesy of Long Ago Labradoodles"

Not eligible for registration with ALCA:

First/Second generation (F1, F2 or F2B) Labradoodles

Merle coated Labradoodles

New Infusions of any breed (bred after 1/1/11)

No Wheaton infusions

Registration Requirements

·       If you register a dog and do not provide all the required paper work, you will be emailed by the Registrar one time with a request for what is missing, from that, you will be given one week (7 days) to reply, asking for more time due to a circumstance or provide the necessary paperwork, failure to do so will result in a penalty of $20.00 for late registration.


When becoming a Member-

·       Sign your Code of Ethics; pay your Membership fee and Kennel Registration fee, along with Submitting your Breeder Member application.

·       At the same time you must register your breeding dogs.

·       You need to own at least one Australian Labradoodle that meets the ALCA requirements for Registering.

·       You are required to register all Breeding Australian Labradoodles that you own.

·       Once becoming a Breeder Member, you are required to register ALL Litters you whelp within 30 days of birth.

·       You are required to display on your website, your ALCA Logo and all ALCA Registration Numbers under the name of your dog.

·       You are required to display the Name of your dog, including the kennel name, on your website along with the ALCA registration number.

·       Your application for membership will not be processed until you register your dog(s) so do this at the same time as applying for membership.

When registering your breeding dogs-

·       Fill out the Application for an Individual dog.

·       Pay the fees for your registration.

·       Email the following items to the registrar at

1.    Signed pedigree from the original breeder of the dog OR if this dog has been registered with the ALCA already- then provide the signed Transfer of Ownership along with the ALCA pedigree. The ALCA is not affiliated with the ALAA so therefore-The ALCA does NOT accept ALAA pedigrees for any reason.

2.    If your dog came from an ALCA Breeder Member, you will be given a Litter Registration paper from the breeder at the time of Purchase- You must have this filled out and signed by the Breeder and you. Email this along with the other papers required to the Registrar.

3.    CERF, HIP & Elbow Evaluation Reports, and PRA Clear by Parentage or test Results.

When registering your Litters-

·       The Dam of the litter must be previously registered with the ALCA in order for her litter to be eligible for registration. The Sire does not need to be registered but he must meet the registration requirements set forth by the ALCA.

·       Fill out a Litter application and pay the fee on the ALCA website.

·       Every Litter you whelp that qualifies must be registered within 30 days of birth or a $20.00 penalty per litter will be charged.

·       You must display the ALCA Litter registration number with your litter advertisement on your website.

·       If you do not advertise your litters on your site, you still must list the litter registration numbers on your “Puppies” page.

·       As of 04/10/2013- You are required to provide a Litter registration paper with every breeding dog sold. Whether the new buyer is an ALCA member or not, they must still be given the paper and you should ask them to register the dog, even if they do not intend to be an ALCA member, they should keep the paper in case the dog is ever sold, and the new owner can register the dog.