New Litter Announcements

New Litter Announcements

The litters will appear in order of date of birth with the newest to the top of the page. The listing will run for approximately 90 days from the date of birth but is not an indication of the availability of any litter puppies listed. Return often for updates and new announcements.

Available to Breeders of Australian Labradoodles Please do not submit litter announcements for any breeding stock not registered with ALCA.

Litters must be registered within 30 days of birth. Submit Litter Announcements in the format below along with a photo of the litter to

Once you have been notified that your Breeder status is approved (required paperwork completed and received by the Club) you may submit litter details by email, along with one photo of the puppies for posting.

Older Dogs

Older dogs become available from ALCA member breeders for a variety of reasons.  Often, a retiring breeding dog will become available for placement in a "forever" home.  Or, a puppy may have been held back for potential breeding stock and the breeder may decide that the puppy does not fit their breeding program and therefore becomes available for adoption. 

ALCA applauds the efforts of their breeders in placing their older dogs in an environment where they will be loved and cared for.  It is always a very difficult time for a caring breeder to part with a beloved dog.  We will make every effort to give a brief history of the available dog and list the circumstances that the breeder feels will fit the needs of the older dog available.

Older Dog Listing

As a service to our breeder members, ALCA older dog listing is available at no charge.  To post your older dog photo and profile, please send a current photo and the dogs information, including registered name, ALCA registration no., date of birth, size, color, coat, temperament, and a description of the situation that you feel will best meet the needs of the dog, to: